What is Grim Impact?

Grim Impact is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) for mobile devices played from a 2D top-down perspective.

  • Choose one out of four classes and specialize it as your character grows stronger.
  • Complete quests and fight hostile creatures.
  • Team up with friends to battle stronger enemies in instances or other players in PVP arenas and zones.
  • Gather raw resources in the wild and/or craft your own gear by learning recipes from one of the six professional directions.
  • Trade your obtained items with others who need them or the non-player traders if you deem them worthless.
  • Explore remote areas that few other people have dared to walk.
Targeted operating systems include Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Grim Impact will be completely free to play and financed by microtransactions. Unlike some other titles in this category, Pay2Win is highly detested by us and has nothing to do with a good game.
Purchasable options which could closest considered to be Pay2Win are small temporary boosts to experience and ingame currency gain. Besides speeding up your progress by a bit, these bonuses will grant you no direct advantage compared to other players.
Other rewards for financially supporting the game include but are not limited to:
  • Player housing (own a plot of land in an existing town, build the walls and furnish it yourself)
  • Extra bank space (receive additional slots for storing your items)
  • Additional hairstyles (styled by your nearest barber!)
  • Visual modifications (skins) for your equipment
  • Removal of advertisement during login

All these rewards are also potentially obtainable for free by collecting your daily login reward or buying a premium currency item from players who are willing to trade theirs for ingame currency or goods.


In a parallel universe a few centuries into the future, humans were threatened by the impact of a massive asteroid.
Having already survived a massive decline of population caused by global issues related to pollution, climate change and deforestation the human population was just starting to thrive again, after mastering these issues with the help of science and decisive leadership.
This leadership, consolidating their authoritarian power with harsh measures to counter the previously existing chaos, would also be the downfall for the many people doomed by the impending disaster.

Having gone unnoticed for far too long to organize an active response governments across the world tried to keep it quiet to prevent renewed uprisings and chaos in the world. Hobby astronomers and officials that became aware of the asteroid and tried to warn people were ridiculed as crazy doomsayers and taken to mental institutions if unlucky.
When the day finally came a strange feeling was in the air. Many top level leaders suddenly disappeared, supposedly in deep underground bunkers and many regular citizens became suspicious.
While some people followed their daily routine, others tried to hide in their basements or other shelters that they could reach. However for most of these humans this would prove futile regardless.

Because this impact was nothing alike anything ever witnessed before.
The blast of the largest part of the asteroid was felt across the planet and a huge percentage of the population died directly through the blastwave or by the massive earthquakes that immediately followed and supposedly lasted for years. Luckier individuals were immediately struck dead by one of the many scattered rocks that broke off the asteroid on entering the atmosphere.
It was something no one was ready for or could have possible prepared for.

What followed was a mass extinction of humans, animals and plants everywhere. The weather has changed massively until the present day and constant extremes made life very harsh for the few survivors that remained.
While most animals went entirely extinct, others adapted and evolved to more predatory tendencies, much to the dismay of the small human population.
But a few humans also seemed to have evolved, developing mental capacities that in previous centuries would be considered to be magic. Appropriately, these people were dubbed mentalists. Depending on their situation some got revered among their peers, others ended up as outcasts.
Rumor has it that this rapid evolution in both humans and animals is related to new elements brought in by the asteroid and dispersed all around the planet. Particularly large residues of these elements have been called "Powerstones" and they seem to directly affect the people who are near them, most especially mentalists.

And now, a couple centuries after the impact, the world is still far from what was once normal but once again the human population is on the rise and attempting to tame the world around them...
What part will you have in it?

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